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Project presented at the 30th SSRCTS

Between the 6th and 8th of February 2020, the 30th annual meeting of Scandinavian Society for Research in Cardiothoracic Surgery was hosted by the society in Geilo, Norway. The meeting gathered both junior and more experienced researchers and cardiothoracic surgeons from all over Scandinavia.

The days were divided according to the three themes “Cardio and vascular biomechanics”, “PCI and CABG”, and “Hemodynamics and flow measurements” and contained poster sessions, oral sessions and workshops.

A poster describing our upcoming initial SAMBAfun clinical trial was presented by Malene Enevoldsen. The CS1 medical device was introduced as a device meant to be implemented in a clinical setting, with aim and perspective to monitor the post-operative cardiac function with an extended range compared to what we use today.

The CS1 system was very much appreciated as an important tool for future post-operative cardiac monitoring, and the interest in the device was very high. We received questions from senior researchers and senior cardiothoracic surgeons regarding physical comparison with current temporary pace wires, diagnostics, considerations about regional differences in ventricular velocity, and use of the accelerometer containing pace wire relative to echocardiography in post-operative cardiac monitoring. Over all we received positive feedback, and were confirmed that there indeed is a firm interest for the CS1 system among cardiac surgical doctors and cardiovascular scientists.


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